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Do you want to buy a hospital bed bud don’t know which is the best for your needs? Do you want to find out which providers offer hospital care beds by taking over the health insurance costs? Is it advisable to rent a hospital bed and if so does it makes sense in the long term? Do you already have a nursing bed and want to learn about the best accessories to go with it? Or simply just want to know what to look for in a hospital bed? Then you are in the right place.

Top 10 Best Hospital Beds For Sale In 2016


  • Full electric

  • Ultra -light

  • Affordable

  • Electric raising headrest

  • Caster wheels

  • Two height adjustable side rails

  • Prevents bed sores due to comfort level

  • Full electric hospital bed

  • Sturdy steel frame

  • Electric raising headrest

  • Caster wheels

  • Remote for inclining

  • Bariatric hospital bed

  • Side rails

  • Electric headrest with a remote

  • Caster Wheels

Cons5 year warranty5 year warrantyQuite heavy
SummaryFor home care patients or seniorsFor home care patients or seniorsDesigned for home patients

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which is the best valuevalue electric hospital bed for home use
The best value electric hospital bed on amazon for invalids and seniors

We have put together a lot of information on the subject of hospital beds which will hopefully answer all your questions on the subject and also help you choose the best nursing bed for you.

What is a hospital bed?

This is a nursing bed that is used to keep a person under as comfortable conditions as possible and to enable them to have a relaxing rest or sleep. Such beds have special storage and movement capabilities that help to relieve the patient and assists in various therapeutic interventions while the patient is bedridden.

A sturdy mounting of the beds structure which adapts to the body shape of the user and their weight, as well as on the clinical needs of the patient are basic considerations of medical beds.

This enables a sick or a senior person’s nurturing basic needs (e.g. body wash, eating food) under ergonomically comfortable conditions.

However, it must also meet some specific hygienic requirements.

What to look for when selecting the best medical n

Where to buy cheap electric hospital beds
Where to buy cheap electric hospital beds

ursing beds

It is true that for every person, the most important factor in choosing a patient bed is the quality of sleep that the bed brings. It is for this reason that you should ask the patient about their medical issues before buying the bed to account for the various possibilities that a new bed and a new hospital mattress can offer.

In particular, when selecting a hospital bed for people with disabilities that are bedridden longer for longer periods of time or affected by the age-related frailties, it is important to consider some things. This is because they rely on special bed equipment which may help them and their carers to do some daily recurring tasks. Unlike conventional beds, electric hospital beds are specially designed to have their height adjusted automatically via a switch which helps the nurses from having to make unnecessary physical exertions.

When is an electric hospital bed useful?

There are various reasons as to why and when a hospital bed should be used. It can be used when people are affected by their age and when stroke-related disabilities affect their mobility. The daily rising from bed or to be put in bed can be facilitated with an electric hospital bed for stroke patients because it can be adjusted in height allowing them easier access to the bed. In general, these electric care beds can be adjusted in height.

Best prices for an electric hospital bed for home use
Best prices for an electric hospital bed for home use

Hospital bed mattresses also need to be of the correct height and firm enough so that the person under care can regain their normal mobility and not be dependent on outside help. Also, make sure that the adjustability in the head, back, and feet section of the care beds can be separately adjusted. This is especially important for bedridden patients so that they get the best position to eat, read or watch TV all by setting separately adjustable ranges to the beds. These beds can even be adjustable for therapeutic exercises or the repositioning of the patient so as to prevent pain or bedsores.

It is, therefore, advantageous for a home hospital bed to have the ability to be adjusted automatically through the pressing of a button which the best value electrical hospital beds have. This allows the patient to change his/her position without constantly relying on the assistance of third parties.

Differences in home medical beds

There is an almost endless range of care beds on offer in the market with various price ranges. Significantly, the price differences for cheap hospital beds for sale can be a few hundred dollars to the four-digit range.

The vast price differences are mainly due to the materials and technical equipment used to make the beds. Inexpensive hospital beds are those that provide a small range of functions with simple applications and made of cheap materials. This can be beds produced from among other things, inexpensive wood and where the height adjustment bolts and the head section are operated manually.

The perfect nursing beds, however, come with sophisticated technologies which have a broad range of functions and are equipped with high-quality materials and extensive accessories. For example, some hospital beds will be made with stainless steel bases and covered with a high-quality wood base for the mattress and driven by an electric motor. Even the storage area for the patients’ items would be available and divided into sections for different items and can be adjusted accordingly. Furthermore, many mounting options in these nursing beds are on offer.

These hospital beds are located in the higher price segment and for this reason should be carefully checked when choosing what is needed in the bed and what you can do without. Of course, the degree of disability of the patient plays a major role in making this decision.

If a hospital bed with many technical refinements is needed, you can the rent or borrow it which can be a good alternative to saving money. Above all, the option of renting a hospital bed is useful if the person is going to be bedridden for a short period.

Adjustable hospital beds for home care

For many people, the design of hospital beds is also crucial because the bed should fit harmoniously into the existing furniture. Therefore, the side, head, and footboards of the bed should have a beautiful wood and can thus be easily integrated into the living area. Thus, the nursing beds should be easy to move and equipped with a chassis under the mattress hidden from direct view.

2016 price list for Electric hospital beds
price list for Electric hospital beds

But even with this, manufacturers have come up with solutions and offer exceptional wood panelling which certainly makes the beds charming. Similarly, there are remarkable looking casts that can be integrated into the post legs so that the nursing bed can match the rest of the furniture in the house which can even promote the patients healing and rehabilitation process and contribute to the wellbeing of the patient.

The best mattresses for hospital beds

It is not only the care beds that should be selected with care but also the best value mattresses for home medical beds. The advantages and disadvantages of home hospital bed mattresses should be examined more closely.

Since the patient spends most of his/her time in bed and hence needs to relief pressure from their back special attention should be taken when selecting the best mattress for electric hospital beds so that bedsores can be prevented. Pressure ulcers can develop on the back, the shoulders, elbows, pelvis, calves and heels because the bedridden patient is exposed to the greatest contact pressure.

Often, a special anti-decubitus mattress may be necessary which should be clarified before they are bought. Here, the doctor can help and advise you on the best home medical bed mattress choice. With patients who are bedridden for long periods of time, special mattresses are often used. Otherwise, a good standard mattress can be used. The standard home medical bed mattresses come in different versions, some with pocket springs, innerspring, foam and latex. These provide good support for the body and good support characteristics in general.

The best mattress is dependent on each and must, therefore, be decided individually. The mattress should never be too soft as there will be sinking due to their weight and the spine will not receive the necessary support. Also, a mattress that is too hard is not recommended because the body cannot adapt to the right place.

Cheap used nursing beds for sale

Used medical beds are another convenient choice for comfortable home care for an invalid, sick or elderly person. Adjustable beds are practical and contemporary, and they come as a standard requirement when bedridden people are to be optimally taken care of whether temporarily or permanently. Thus, those affected can be perfectly home cared for according to their needs and requirements. The purchase of a new home hospital beds can have unnecessarily high costs which, although usually taken care of health insurance, can be reduced if one used beds.

Unused and brand new hospital beds for home use are extremely expensive, compared to the ones that have been used. If cheap used hospital beds are chosen instead of unused and brand new ones, the cost can be reduced by several hundred dollars. An economical alternative are the used and still perfectly functioning hospital beds, so they are a good choice and still in demands as equally as the new ones.

Before used medical beds are sold to new owners, they undergo extensive cleaning; after all, outpatient hygiene is one of the main criteria one of the reasons why you are buying the bed. Furthermore, they undergo a safety inspection and repairs. Thus, the new owner can be sure that a used care bed has no disadvantages. The performance and quality or safety of second-hand hospital beds are therefore guaranteed.

The advantages of used hospital beds

An essential advantage of used electric hospital beds is, of course, the reduced cost of health insurance and equally for the insured. But this is not the only factor that speaks for used medical beds. Often such a special bed is only needed for a short time, for example if the patient has a temporary illness with prospects of improvement. If this is true, then the purchase of a brand new bed is not worthwhile. Used nursing beds have for the most part have small wear and tear and are always reprocessed before being resold, such that even small abrasions are scarcely perceptible.

Warranty on used hospital beds

In general, the warranty claims on used hospital beds, as with any other product also expire with time. However, an additional guarantee for the refurbished beds is advised when components were either replaced or renewed in the preparation for resale. Thus, the second-hand care beds should not have defects about the safety of the patient or the nursing staff.

Second hand used hospital beds for sale

Nowadays those affected will be offered a wide range of choice of used hospital beds. The popular shopping place is in this case the Internet, which offers countless opportunities for buying used hospital beds.

Another place of choice is in the local newspapers advertisements sections by private individuals. Likewise, many people can find locally used medical beds for sale which are considerably cheaper in price than the new models. Even the high-quality hospital beds of well-known manufacturers are offered for sale locally.

Growing in popularity are the electric hospital beds, which are preferably comfortable for the patients because no muscle power has to be expended when using then which is very convenient for the family caregivers. Conventional hospital beds often require enormous effort to operate them which is often several times in a day and some cases also at night. Secondly, the electric beds can be used by the patients to get some mobility and can, depending on the seriousness of his need for help, make some changes by themselves, providing immediate relief. While these hospital beds when sold as second hand one have a slightly higher price, they offer a great relief in the care of an invalid. These beds are also available for rent.

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